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Home Energy Audits

Building Knowledge offers a variety of comprehensive evaluations to increase the comfort and energy efficiency in a home or building. A home energy audit is a complete assessment of a home or building in order to assess how the structure might be losing energy.

Schedule an Audit

We have extensive training and knowledge in this area and will thoroughly inspect, test and evaluate the entire house. Our philosophy is to view the home as an entire system. We use knowledge of building science, the dynamics of air flow and moisture, and how equipment in a home interacts with its construction. By viewing the home as a whole system, we are able to pinpoint the root cause of a problem and offer practical solutions. After finding areas of concern our energy auditors then recommend ways to treat the problem areas in order to improve efficiency and save money while maintaining the desired level of energy usage in the home or building.

Some Reasons for Energy Loss Include

  • The unintentional heating or cooling of the attic
  • Drafty windows, doors, or walls
  • Poor attic insulation
  • Appliance drain

Building Knowledge uses a variety of specialized equipment in order to fully assess the energy losses in your home. We use a blower door, which measures how much energy is leaking out of the home. An infrared camera is used to reveal areas of missing insulation which would be impossible to find otherwise. The client is provided with a written report of the findings, including recommendations for remedies to address areas of energy loss found in the home. We also assist in selecting what energy improvements would be the best investment for your home.

For the Homeowner

A home energy audit completed by Building Knowledge will give you valuable information about where your home is losing energy and how to remedy these issues. During an energy audit heating and cooling systems will be evaluated for potential energy loss. In addition, electricity and water conservation can be addressed.

The following services are available to homeowners for an energy audit:

  • Home Energy Audit
  • EnergyStar for Homes
  • Green Building Consulting
  • HERS Ratings (New Home Energy Rating)
  • BPI Home Performance Testing
  • Earthcraft Virginia

For Builders and Architects

Building Knowledge can meet with builders and architects throughout the design and construction process in order to improve the energy efficiency, safety and marketability of the homes you create.

The following services are available to builders and architects regarding energy efficiency and green building techniques:

  • Energy Efficiency Audits
  • EnergyStar For Homes
  • HERS Rating
  • BPI Home Performance Testing
  • Earthcraft Virginia