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Blower Door Testing & Duct Pressure Testing

Trust Building Knowledge for blower door and duct pressure testing in VA. Call (540) 246-4889 for scheduling and estimates.

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Duct Pressure Testing

The Importance of Blower Door Testing & Duct Pressure Testing

  1. Energy Efficiency: Blower door and duct pressure testing assess your home’s energy efficiency, helping optimize energy usage, reduce your carbon footprint, and lower utility bills by identifying air leaks and inefficient duct systems.
  2. Indoor Air Quality: These tests improve indoor air quality by pinpointing air leaks and duct issues that may allow pollutants, allergens, and excess moisture to enter, creating a healthier and more comfortable living environment.
  3. Building Code Compliance: Many jurisdictions, including Virginia, require blower door and duct pressure testing for new homes to meet legal requirements and avoid potential fines or penalties.
  4. Enhanced Comfort: Addressing air leaks and duct problems maintains consistent temperatures, reduces drafts, and minimizes exterior noise for a more comfortable and peaceful living space.
  5. Increased Home Value: A home with proven energy efficiency and proper air sealing is more attractive to potential buyers, increasing its value and marketability.
  6. Proactive Maintenance: Regular testing identifies and resolves issues before they escalate into costly repairs, helping avoid unexpected expenses and extend the lifespan of your HVAC system.

Building Knowledge has been conducting whole house blower door testing and duct pressure testing since 2007 for homeowners and Energy Star and Earthcraft-built homes. In Virginia, since the adoption of the 2018 International Building, new homes will need to have blower door testing and duct pressure testing conducted to meet current building code standards. Please call (540)246-4889 for scheduling and/or cost estimates.

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Benjamin is phenomenal! He has inspected our homes for years and we trust his knowledge and expertise completely. He is thorough and professional. His home inspections provide lots of piece of mind.

– Kelsey Marker